Pre-cast Concrete Storm Shelters

Emergency Storm Shelters are used for home, mobile home, campground, or marina safety when extreme weather occurs.
Also useful for garden products storage or as an extra storage area


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Our shelters are Built to standards recommended by FEMA, the Original is
constructed of 6,000 PSI concrete with fiber mesh and reinforced with 3/8" inch rebar every 12 inches running both directions. The walls are approx 3" thick, the ceiling and floor are 4" thick, and the shelter weighs approximately 10,000 to 12,600 lbs depending on size.

ALL models come with an 8" turbine vent, a 6" capped vent, an interior fixed
staircase with dual hand rails, a leak proof 14 gauge steel door with three high
strength hinges and a three point/lockable latch & handle. The door also has a
support cylinder that makes it easy to open and close.

Our shelters do not come pre wired for electricity or any other utilities. These items
can be added by the customer following installation if desired. We recommend using
a licensed professional electrician or telephone installer to handle these additions.
For concrete shelters, we  recommend having your electrician drill any necessary
conduit access holes in the base of one of the vent pipes on the shelter. This allows for easy installation and easier reseal than a hole drilled through concrete. We have had customers who have had electricity, telephones added to their shelters following installation. In some cases, a cell phone will work in these units but it varies by location.

Plastic Storm Shelters

Application of Shelters are same as with the Concrete models, but provide an alternative material of construction. Certified as 300 year usable lifespan.